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Galactic Rescue is a Sci-Fi Metroidvania set in an alien world. 

In the game you will explore an interconnected map and piece it together to move forward. You will face murderous traps, powerful enemies and challenging puzzles that will test your skills and reward you with new powers.  If you look carefully, you might even find some of its secrets...

What happened here? What are the creatures inhabiting this world and what are the protagonists looking for?


Windows (x64),  MacOS


Easy and Normal.


The game supports Keyboard, Ps4 and Xbox* controllers. You can see the controls in the in-game menu.

The game also supports keyboard rebinding !


The game was developed by us at TMSI Games.  Follow us @tmsigames!

- Tony Fiallos                                    @tomisqi
- Sandro Matteo Carnelli          @sandromatteo79

- Andrea Baroni                               https://andreabaroni.com/


The game has been hand-crafted with patience and care to provide the best experience possible.

We hope you enjoy it!

Here is a post with more screenshots.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGIMP, Unity, Blender
Tags2D, Exploration, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Metroidvania, Puzzle-Platformer, Side Scroller
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


GalacticRescueDemo-v0.22-windows.zip 108 MB
GalacticRescueDemo-v0.22.-mac.zip 107 MB

Install instructions

1) Download the zip and extract;
2) Run the GalacticRescueDemo-.exe file.

Development log


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The game reminds me a lot of Hollow Knight, especially the open ended world structure which I really like, the puzzles are challenging and take quite a bit of time and thinking to solve, well done.  I also appreciate that there is minimal guidance from the game, leaving the player to figure out how to advance to the destination. Soundtrack is also good, very synthwave/80's retro like which really fits the game. Overall it looks promising and in time I am sure it will be a proper, challenging and enjoyable Metroidvania game. Keep up the good work!

We are so happy your tried the game and thanks for noticing those details! It is part of the design and we did put a lot of work into it.

Thank you!

I really liked the game, especially the character. It's pretty smooth and fun to play. It's a game with full of puzzles and for someone like me who doesn't like puzzles I can tell you that I enjoyed it very much. 

I loved the soundtrack on the start menu. I think it can even get better if you guys want to focus more on the soundtracks as well as the gunshot sounds.

I can't wait to play more of this game really. May I know when are you planning to release it?

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great to hear that you liked the game!
We did spend time trying to make movement feel good. Thanks for the feedback! Expect  it to feel even better in the final game!
In terms of final release, we are not ready to announce dates, but follow us in Twitter @tmsigames to get the latest updates! 

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Interesting and delightful, this game is a callback to the 90s games with fun (albeit challenging) puzzles. The music is superb and nostalgic, bringing back childhood memories. 

I'm looking forward to see what the developers will offer once the full game is released. Meanwhile, please do yourself a favor and enjoy this gem.

We are very glad you liked the game! 

It's a pretty interesting game with some cool and well thought puzzles!! It actually took me longer to finish the game but I found an issue (YouTube link with the issue attached below), it consisted in that one of the portals in the 2nd to last screen moved 0.5 units instead of the regular 1 unit it's supposed to move when it is shot. This may have happened cuz I confused the way to solve this puzzle, I tried reflecting the shots with the shield. On this regard, I'd recommend adding a function to reset the portals in the room, not just reversing one of the states since when I leave the screen and re-enter it, I can't reverse the position of the portals (as shown in the video). The only way around this was starting a new game.

Adding a key bind function would definitely make for some quality of life changes :)

Overall it was a pretty fun experience! Can't wait to see what comes of this :D

Great that you enjoyed the game! 

We have never seen the issue you found! Many thanks for recording and telling us how to reproduce it!

You probably understood this later, but to move those portals, you dont need to bounce the bullet off the shield; you can jump and shoot down. 

We will take your comment into account for a new version!

We want to support rebinding of keys in a future release!

We have addressed the issue you found in v0.17, now uploaded! Read more here.

great game I had a lot of fun but the controls are very primitive, you should add the possibility to change the controls, I like it very much and it is very entertaining the type of puzzle , great game in general but to play it with keyboard is a torture

It's great to hear that you had fun! Yes, we have received comments to allow to rebind the keys and we will support this in a future release.

Thanks for playing the game!

There are several impressive and well desgined puzzles. Really enjoy the fun after overcome them!  PS4 cotronller is much eaier to me comparing with keyboard and it took me around  1 hour and a half to finish in easy mode :)

It would be great if progress can be saved in formal release.

Thanks for playing the game and great that you liked it!

The game is good, but I can't use controller. I'm using PS4 controller, the problem probably because I'm using cable instead of wireless (OBS detect the controller but the game doesn't) . 

Also for keyboard it would be better if I can change key bind. I'm used to WASD so it's a bit hard using right hand as movement control. 

But I enjoy it, though I'm stuck at the third part(?) so I can't play through the end. 

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Thanks for playing the game and we are glad you enjoyed it! 

Regarding the PS4 controller, we will look into the issue. We had tested this ourselves and thought there was no issue. 

Regarding keyboard rebinding, we will look into this as well, but this might take some time.

Finally, we watched all your playthrough and thanks for all the feedback! We noticed that you could still solve the part were you got stuck at the end. Think about the powers you have and how to combine them to move forward!

It took me a while but I got to the end. The end battle is too easy IMO, at least it's easier than the robot with shield. At the end credits I only got 2 secret, so I try to reload checkpoint. When I tried it, I keep dying and I can't do anything (not even go to pause menu).

Also another suggestion, It'll be great if I can continue from where I was. It's a pain to try to go back to where I was before.

It was fun to  play it, and some puzzle solution is hard to figure out but it's not impossible. I love it.

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Thanks for playing again!

We now understand  the problem you faced when you tried to "Reload Checkpoint" at the end. We will address that in next version of the game. Thanks for reaching the end and all your feedback! It helps us improve the game (only few have been able to reach the end).

The ability to save progress in the game is a feature we want to support as well.

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v0.16, recently uploaded,  now addresses the issue you found! Read more here

i was enjoying this , some clever tricks that took me a while to figure out ... until the second boss . then it got way too hard way too fast and i quit playing ...

may want to scale back the difficulty on that (i was playing in normal mode)

Thanks for playing the game and for your comments! We would recommend that you observe carefully the enemy's attack and defense pattern to know how to beat it. It doesn't have too many hitpoints and if you could overcome the first one, you can also do the second one!